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Vraag dat maar aan Michael Hanscom. Een kleine log koste hem zijn job. Triestige mannen die gasten van Microsoft.

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Hanson on BentaNews.com BN: How have these events affected you personally?

MH: Well, first and most obviously, I'm certainly burning my way through my fifteen minutes of fame rather quickly! I've been quite overwhelmed by the response over the past few days. My website rocketed from around a few hundred hits a day -- primarily from random Google hits on my archives -- to close to 300,000 hits in a 24-hour period. I've had old friends from high school that I haven't spoken to in years contact me.

I made the front page of one of the local newspapers, the front page of MSNBC.com, and have been told of a mention in the MSNBC "crawler" on television. Suddenly I'm, if not famous, than at least infamous.

Overall, it's been a little freaky, but also pretty entertaining.

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